Integration and Differentiation



Numerical integration and differentiation techniques are commonly used in engineering, particularly when analyzing experimental data. Integration and differentiation of measured response signals can be complicated by real-world measurement problems, such as transducer and signal conditioner drift, offset and noise issues.


The MATLAB GUIs are available for both MATLAB 6.5 and 7.0. In addition, MATLAB .exe files are also available for those without MATLAB and can be used with the MATLAB Runtime Engine.


MATLAB Runtime Engine Download

Runtime Engine


See the general MATLAB GUI instruction file below for more information on system requirements and how to run the GUIs. The MATLAB GUI .zip file contains a document of suggested exercises to be performed with the GUI.


General MATLAB GUI Instruction Download



Numerical Integration and Differentiation Tutorial


Discusses procedure and equations used for numerical integration and differentiation. Gives examples with perfect data, and also data having bias, noise, and poor resolution.


Numerical Integration / Differentiation Project


Students apply numerical integration and differentiation to different data sets. Issues with initial conditions, bias, delta-t spacing are encountered to help prepare students for analysis of real lab data.


MATLAB Integration-Differentiation GUI Download




M6.5 and M7.0 open in MATLAB, EXE is a stand-alone GUI

Allows user to explore numerical integration and differentiation and how it is affected by corrupting factors present in the data, such as noise, bias, and drift.   

GUI Operation Explanation




GUI Assignment Available




FLASH - Streamed (Requires Plugin) / AVI - Non Streamed




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